Session 4

Session 4
3:00 pm – 3:50 pm

Session Room Workshop Title/Presenter/Description Track(s)
4A S113 Enhance Learning with PDF Fillable Forms
Cliff Nelson

Wichita Area Technical College

Portable Document Format better known as PDF is a wonderful way to create course material that can help guide and assess students in the classroom. Use PDF fillable forms as a checklist to evaluate students or as a fillable study-guide or homework. The options of using PDF fillable documents are limitless. Come see examples of how PDF can enhance your classroom as well as a demonstration on how to create PDF fillable documents.

4B S116 MOOCS: What Are They and Are They Still Relevant?
Rick Bartlett

Tabor College

About 3 years ago Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) burst onto the scene with promises of overturning the way education is delivered. Under the umbrellas of Ed-X, Coursera, and Udacity, numerous high-profile institutions joined in: Duke, Penn State, San Diego State, University of Maryland and others.


As the years have passed, the promises of massive disruption have proven false, yet MOOC’s are still offering courses to a global audience.  This session will discuss and reflect on the current relevance of MOOC’s and how they can still be used in a wide variety of ways, in the classroom and for personal development. The hype may have died down, but the usefulness of MOOC’s is still present.

Online & Blended Learning, Web 2.0 & Digital Learning Tools
4C S155 Tools to Enhance F2F, Blended and Online Courses

Steve Pillow

Emily Griffith Technical College

Attendees will learn and implement many widely recognized practices using a variety of tools for creating courses. Integrating outside tools in an LMS such as Google Drive, Socrative, Explee, and many more free open source tools will be demonstrated and time given to actually practice.

Communication & Collaboration, Online & Blended Learning, Web 2.0 & Digital Learning Tools
4D S156 The Power of Photos
Jamey Boelhower

Central Community College

Using photographs in the classroom is a powerful tool. By observing or working with an image, students can activate prior knowledge or create amazing products within any content area. Also, with the power of mobile devices to take photos anywhere, lessons can be expanded beyond the classroom. In this session you will learn how to use photos in a variety of ways to engage students in their learning.

Mobile Learning, Online & Blended Learning, Web 2.0 & Digital Learning Tools
4E S202 Information Literacy Meets Web 2.0!
Terry Summey

Emporia State University

With Web 2.0 Tools being a huge trend in education comes the question of how to successfully introduce these same tools in the classroom. This presentation will cover a large variety of web tools used in Emporia State University Libraries and Archives, UL100 (Research Skills, Information, and Technology) course. Tools that will be introduced are HaikuDeck, Padlet, Grammarly, Screencast-o-matic and more. The presenters will provide an introduction and include an example of how each it is used in both face-to-face and online environments.

Online & Blended Learning, Best Instructional Practices, Web 2.0 & Digital Learning Tools
4F S214 Openness: Transitioning to Barrier-Free Education

Tim Henningsen

Blackboard, Inc.


Openness is the philosophy that everyone should have access to learning. It’s supported by the innovation in technology and education that you practice daily. We’ll explore together how technology has sparked openness, unlock emerging trends and research, and share stories about its application in our learning environments.

Communication & Collaboration