Session 4

Session 4
3:00 pm – 3:50 pm

Session Room Workshop Title/Presenter/Description Track(s)
4A M103 What’s the BUZZ about K-BUG?

K-BUG Leadership


Learn all about the Kansas Blackboard Users Group (K-BUG) and how this community can help you and your institution leverage the Blackboard LMS!

Instructional Design/Technology
4B M115 Blipp Your World With BlippAR

Bethanie O’Dell

Emporia State University


BlippAR is an augmented reality app that encourages you to interact with the world around you. In this session, the presenter will share how BlippAR was used to market Banned Book Week, an archives exhibit, and how it was introduced in an online classroom. Download BlippAR to your mobile device (it’s free) and be ready to experience this hands-on session.

Student Services
4C M123 Flip your discussions with FlipGrid

Valli Bashor and Vrenda Pritchard

Wichita Area Technical College


FlipGrid is an amazing way to take your online and traditional classroom discussions to the next level. If you’re tired of grading online discussion boards that contain vague, “no passion” responses, FlipGrid is a great way to change that. FlipGrid provides an innovative way to find that passion for the subject in your students by allowing them to submit video discussion responses to you and to share them with their classmates. Your classroom will never be the same again.

Instructional Design/Technology
4D M157 What did you Learn Today? Using Technology for Assessment

Verneda Edwards

Baker University


Are you struggling to use technology effectively to assess students during the learning process? Do the tools you use seem more disruptive than helpful? Come join this discussion regarding the use of technology to meet your classroom needs as an instructor to quickly assess students. Tools that will be introduced include SeeSaw, Plickers, and Nearpod. Come join our discussion to learn.

Teaching & Learning
4E M158 Let the Data Tell the Story

Jessica Bird
Newman University


Collaborative conversations around data with teacher candidates or instructors is a powerful way to celebrate growth! Do you have a data tool to help you identify areas that need growth and provide statistics to show improvement? Join us as we share our structure and tools for continuous improvement and data collection for CAEP and other areas of instructional improvement.

Teaching & Learning