Session 2

Session 2
1:00 pm – 1:50 pm

Session Room Workshop Title/Presenter/Description Track(s)
2A Auditorium Accessibility; Section 508 Refresh: What it Means

Anna Catterson

Emporia State University


Section 508 refresh is here, what does it mean for you? This workshop will review how to make electronic documents accessible including Microsoft products and Adobe products. Also, learn about captioning tools and screen readers. We will hear how a screen reader reads an accessible document compared to a non-accessible document. Other tools highlighted will include UDOIT, the INSPECT tool and WCAG standards.

2B M115 Honors & Careers

Anna Page

Johnson County Community College


What is honors and why is it beneficial in career programs? Learn about different methods of implementation, delivery and administering an honors component to career tracks.

Student Services
2C M123 Blackboard OneNote Partnership

Cliff Nelson

Wichita Area Technical College


Microsoft OneNote is now a tool available within Blackboard. Learn how to use OneNote to your advantage by using Class Notebooks that work in partnership with Blackboard. This session will go over the basic uses of Microsoft OneNote and the added features available for students and instructors within this new feature. Some of the topics covered will be note taking, collaboration, read only libraries, sharing, and web tagging to enhance online research. 

Instructional Design/Technology
2D M157 Fake News: Teaching Critical Thinking and Civil Discourse in Any Course

Ann Lindbloom

University of Kansas


Students continue to rely on quick “google” searches and seem to consume those websites without much critical thinking. Is it possible to teach students how to recognize reliable news sources? Is it possible to increase critical thinking? And with these skills, are students able to effectively engage in civil discourse? Join this session, where you will be able to complete a Critical Thinking module and see how the module, discussion boards, and other assignments were incorporated into two different courses. The results of these changes will be reviewed including student feedback and suggestions for future improvements.

Teaching & Learning
2E M158 Learning Styles in STEM Instruction: How UDL Addresses the Needs of Diverse Learners

Fred Wuhib

Wichita State University


Most college courses are offered in a similar way; lectures, PowerPoint, slides, textbooks, mostly individual assignments …does this work best for all students? Research tell us that there are different learning styles and students learn in all those diverse ways. While STEM courses are more open to apply different ways of teaching, they are the ones which most lack diversity in terms of styles of instruction. However, if STEM instructors understand the concept of UDL and the diverse learning styles, they can address the learning needs of more learners and better attain the learning outcome of the course.

Teaching & Learning
2F M103 The State of Employability: What is Your Students’ Mindset?

Tim Wilson


Pearson is partnering with instructors and institutions to pave the pathway from classroom to careers. What if you could prepare your students for a lifetime of better jobs at the same time you are teaching your course?  Are your students on the path to success after graduation?

*66% of students believe they are not graduating with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the workforce. 

*47% of students do not believe their major will lead to a good job.

*40% of students never visit the college career center.

We all play a role.  We all can do better.