Session 1

Session 1
9:00 am – 9:50 am

Session Room Workshop Title/Presenter/Description Track(s)
1A S113 PowerPoint Unplugged
Linda Sessions

Wichita Area Technical College

Learn how to make PowerPoint more engaging and interactive in the classroom. There are ways to create study guides that help students retain the knowledge they need and enjoy doing it.  The great thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of steps to create the slides and you’ll have fun thinking of all the different ways you can utilize them. You will leave with the skills needed to make your own PowerPoint Unplugged presentations.

Communication & Collaboration, Online & Blended Learning, Best Instructional Practices
1B S116 Tips and Tricks for Zoom
Dr. Gina Marx

Newman University

Zoom videoconferencing is an easy way to bring life to your online courses, communicate on the fly for advising students or collaborating with colleagues. Join Dr. Gina Marx as she shares some tips for fully utilizing this platform with recording to the cloud, break out rooms, and ways to easily set your synchronous meetings with students – and record if they are not able to make it to class!

Communication & Collaboration, Online & Blended Learning, Best Instructional Practices
1C S155 Faculty Development through TPACK
Lauren Hays
Amy Sudduth

MidAmerica Nazarene University

In this presentation, two members of the faculty development committee at MidAmerica Nazarene University will share their newly created model for faculty development using the TPACK model.  TPACK is a framework for the integration of technology, content knowledge, and pedagogy.  Typically, used in K-12 settings, this model has application to higher education.  Unfortunately, a clearly defined process for helping faculty gain abilities in each of the areas does not exist.  As a result of grant stipulation, the faculty development committee was tasked with creating and implementing an operational TPACK framework for higher education.  The operational framework provides four basic tiers of integration for each TPACK component.  The purpose of the operational framework is to place emphasis on integrating technology as a tool of the classroom environment with proper alignment to pedagogical and content knowledge.  Faculty will gain a greater understanding of pedagogical models that can be aligned with technology tools to synthesize with discipline content through the implementation of a variety of trainings and publications.  To evaluate the faculty use of the TPACK framework in their teaching rubrics have been developed to determine the level of proficiency for the alignment of technology use, pedagogical methods and content knowledge.


Attendees of this session will gain knowledge in practical ways to help faculty implement technology and use best practices for technology integration.

Best Instructional Practices
1D S156 Let Me Send You a Link

Torie Wynn

Wichita State University


Instructional Design and Technology at Wichita State will discuss the development of our Just-in-Time Trainings and provide strategies for creating large training libraries at your institution for little to no cost. These 30 second to 4 minute videos cover a variety of topics from instructor and student technical training to general LMS support. These videos expanded the content and reach of WSU’s already established training blog and bridged the gaps in training between technology, pedagogy, and institutional support. This session will focus on the purpose, process, and creation of the Just-in-Time Training library and the impact felt across WSU’s campus.

Communication & Collaboration, Online & Blended Learning
1E S202 Techniques in Teaching Today’s Learners
Dr. Mark Taylor
Taylor Programs

This session will drill into the methods of Dr. Taylor’s model, as described in the keynote.

Best Instructional Practices
1F S210 Secure Those Apps: Passwords and Tools for Learning

Verneda Edwards

Harvey Foyle

Baker University


Here are some tools for learning that you may not be aware of but are proven useful software applications.


Using Web 2.0 learning tools is exciting but what happens if someone steals your data or invades your computing device. You can protect your personal data and devices with accepted Password Management applications.

Best Instructional Practices
1G S214 Technology Solutions for Personalized Learning and Classroom Engagement in the Sciences

Becca McGarry

April Yablonsky

Pearson Education


So many students come to college underprepared, particularly in Math and Science. How can we get them up to speed without sacrificing the rigor of the course? Or boring the prepared students? Personalized learning through Pearson’s online Mastering platform can help! It can also be difficult to cover all of the material required while still maintaining an active classroom. Learning Catalytics within Mastering is a great way to engage students, encourage group work, and keep everyone on track without the additional cost of clickers.