Session 1

Session 1
9:00 am – 9:50 am

Session Room Workshop Title/Presenter/Description Track(s)
1A S-155 Accessible Face-to-Face Presentation

Carolyn Speer

Wichita State University


Learn how to create and deliver accessible face-to-face presentations.

1B S216 Open Textbooks: Where do I begin?

Cheryl Riley

University of Central Missouri


Do you want to save students money?  Are you concerned about the cost of the textbooks for the classes you teach?  Attend this session and learn about open educational resources.  I will cover sources of open educational resources and provide examples of how to customize resources for your own use.  I will spend time on open licenses (Creative Commons) and their importance to OER. 

Student Services
1C M115 Evaluating the Digital Design of Your Blended Classroom

Jamey Boelhower

Central Community College


Classrooms are becoming a blended environment. Even if you see your students face-to-face every day, there is a digital component to the curriculum. This session will investigate the basics of the Quality Matters rubric with other design components to help you create the best online learning environment for your students.  Jamey is certified by Quality Matters to be a Course Reviewer.

Instructional Design/Technology
1D M115 Creating Digital Lessons

Mike Ramirez
MidAmerica Nazarene University


Controversy remains over science classes online. Yet, literature supports effectiveness of online science with both virtual and science kits for labs. This workshop will briefly cover literature review and presenter’s decade plus of online teaching experience, including use of discussions.

Teaching & Learning
1E M157 The Power of Association

Amanda Hackerott

Wichita Area Technical College


Attendees of this workshop will:


1.        Have capacity to make associations between a concept that is foreign and relate it to an already created more common concept.

2.        Be able to show/use examples of associative learning in the classroom to enrich learning experience.

3.        Enhance recollection skills in terms of speed and correctness and gain ability to share the skill with students.

Teaching & Learning
1F M158 Big Data and Learning Analytics in Education

Marcus Childress and Linda Heinen

Baker University


Big data isn’t just a fad — it’s a revolution. Forbes states that more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. This presentation will provide an overview of the use of big data and analytics in education and training. Findings will be shared from the latest Civitas Community Insights report, covering emerging trends and benchmarks across millions of student records. Recent developments and issues in big data/learning analytics in education and other organizations will be addressed, as well as predictions for the future.